ABS Plastic Pipe Solvent Adhesive Glue

epco offers epco offers WRAS approved Griffon B-25 ABS Cement alongside Tangit ABS Cement both of which are suitable for producing tensile stress resistant connections between pipes and fittings.

abs plastic pipe glue abs plastic pipe glue

Griffon B-25 ABS Cement

An ABS Adhesive used to join pipes and fittings with interference fit and loose fit (gap filling) in pressure systems.

green checkmark  Gap Filling & Thixotropic

green checkmark  WRAS Approved

green checkmark  Suitable for Pools

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Download Griffon B-25 Glue Spec Sheet

Tangit ABS Adhesive

ABS Plastic Glue for bonding of thermoplastic ABS piping and fitting systems under pressure.

green checkmark  Gap Filling & Thixotropic

green checkmark  WRAS Approved

green checkmark  Suitable for Pools

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Download Tangit ABS Glue Spec Sheet


Technical Specifications

Colour Shelf Life Density Min Operating Temp Max Operating Temp Waterproof
Grey 24 months 0.89 g/cm³ -40°C +70°C
na 24 months 0.87 g/cm³ +5°C +40°C

ABS Solvent Operating Temperatures quoted at 20°C


Application Consumption

For the production of one bonded joint the following approximate amounts of adhesive is required:

20 32 40 50 63 75 90 110 125 140 160 200 225 250 315
Griffon - 650 290 160 100 90 70 40 30 - 20 - 12 8 5
Tangit 333 200 - 111 66 50 27 16 11 11 8 5 3 - -

approximate amounts of ABS adhesive required


Projects using ABS Solvent Cement

ABS solvent for bonding thermoplastic ABS pipe systems transporting fluids under pressure. ABS plastic pipe glue is suitable for low temperature application.

abs solvent
abs adhesive
abs glue
abs solvent
abs adhesive
abs plastic pipe glue

Additional ABS Plastic Pipe Glue Questions

q: How to glue ABS pipe?

ABS pipework systems are designed to have an interference fit and are not designed to be dry fitted.

ABS cement softens the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe to form a joint chemically. Strength of joint is reduced if surfaces are not cleaned and properly prepared.

Download our ABS Installation PDF: How to glue ABS pipe

q: Can you use pvc glue on abs?

We do not recommend it; however, it is possible. You can use PVC Glue if joining PVC and ABS Pressure Pipe or Fittings. You cannot use ABS Glue if joining PVC and ABS pipe or fittings.

q: Is abs the same as pvc glue?

No. PVC and ABS glues have different technical properties. It is very important to ensure that the correct glue is being used for a pipe sustem. We suggest speaking to us for more information and guidance.

q: What do I use for abs glue?

epco offers 2 glue options for ABS pressure pipe and fittings. Both options are fully compatible with ABS however have different characteristics.

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