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Blog Widgets

Blog widgets same as blog listing comes with different templates and styles.
Use blog widgets separately or mix them.


Default widget

You can set amount of columns and image size in theme settings. Big images will be cropped.

ABS & U-PVC pipe ranges
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ABS & U-PVC pipe ranges

ABS is an abbreviation for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This strong but lightweight thermoplastic polymer material is incredibly durable even when exposed to very low temperatures. It has good chemical resistance and is a popular material for a wide range of industrial plumbing applications typically produced in a mid-grey colour.

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Big widget template

Add class following line to Custom template field in blog widget settings.


Mixed Big and Titles Widgets

Use different widget styles together. Here is an example of "Big" and "Titles" widgets templates in two columns.


Big in Two Columns

You can add specific post using Featured Blog Posts widget. Here is an example of two big widgets with different posts placed in columns


Default widget Classic Style

Default widget also comes in athlete classic style if you choose "classic" style for blog listing.

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