Walraven Ltd is part of Walraven Group with operations worldwide. The company manufactures fixing solutions for the mechanical and electrical industry, as well as passive fire protection products. Many of the products offer innovative, time-saving solutions, to help contractors deliver effective and efficient installations. Alongside the product portfolio Walraven offers technical support including advice, consultation, and design of M&E fixing solutions.


Why Walraven

epco ltd. has been supplying Walraven products as part of its catalogue for over 5 years. We chose these products due to their high quality the expert manufacturing process of their products. As a full-turnkey pipe system solution epco offers everything from pipe, fittings, valves, and accessories across the UK of which most customers opting for the Walraven Green Rubber Lined Pipe Clips or Quick Clamp Pipe Clips as their preferred pipework support.

Learn more about the use and spacing of Pipe Clips on our Pipework Support Centres technical page.

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Walraven Pipe Clips

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