After 40 years in the industry, Comer has become an internationally recognised brand of plastic pressure fittings and valves. Originally just manufacturing their products for use in Italy, they partnered with epco to offer products across the UK.


Why Comer

Following the partnership with epco ltd, Comer was able to expand its offering and create a much wider customer base. From this, they continued to grow year on year, establishing a market-leading reputation in the industry. Comer products are manufactured to the highest quality which can be recognised with the PVC fittings being Kitemark certified, adding to the already high standard demonstrated by the ISO 9001:20015 accreditation.


Comer Products

It isn’t just high quality and huge quantities of products Comer can offer their customers. After partnering with epco, most Comer plastic fittings, valves and flanges are available to order through epco for next day delivery up until 5pm. This offer is exclusive in the UK and makes Comer UK one of the best choices for any plastic pipe system requirements you may have.


Comer Fittings

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