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q: How Do I Order Internationally?

epco ltd. does not provide international orders. For any International requirements, please contact our sales team on +441132491155.

q: Delivery Options and Order Timeframes:

Delivery options are presented to you on either the Cart or Checkout pages where you can select your preferred delivery option. We do our utmost to ensure all orders are despatched from the epco warehouse the same day (excluding back-orders and pre-orders). All orders are then handed to 3rd party carriers for delivery. Please note that as we are unable to manage any aspects of the timed delivery process, epco ltd. does not guarantee nor provide any refunds for timed services.

q: Can I Use Promo Codes?

Our marketing team will, at times, create various promo codes when promoting various products. Valid promo codes can be used by entering the code in the "Discount Code" input field on either the Cart or Checkout pages. To take advantage of any future promo codes we invite you to join our mailing list or keep an eye out on our social media platforms.



q: How Can I Change Or Cancel My Order?

To cancel an order, please send us a message via the contact us page or speak to our sales team on 01132491155.



q: Why should you choose epco?

Much of our success is founded on the success of our customers, to whom we endeavour to provide the highest level of service and attention to every detail.

q: Which industries does epco supply to?

We supply to both the commercial and industrial sectors including resellers, manufacturing, construction, production among many others.

q: Is epco competitive in the market?

We provide a comprehensive costing matrix for every type of client. From small to large scale businesses, we aim to provide high quality products at attractive rates.

q: What guarantees does epco provide?

We provide a 12 month guarantee on all our products.

q: What if a product is out of stock?

Although we consistently endeavour to maintain stock levels, in some instances we may be low on a particular product. Simply contact us, we will either release stocks, or we will provide you with a full lead time on our stock delivery.


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