New C-PVC Valve Range Available

C-PVC Pipe, Fittings and Valves are used in UK industrial pipelines that transport hot liquids ranging from +5°C to +90°C.

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Why C-PVC Pipework?

C-PVC Pipework is renowned for its properties.

  • checkmark  Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.
  • checkmark  Contains 10% more chlorine than U-PVC.
  • checkmark  Higher resistance to 90°C temperatures.
  • checkmark  Improved chemical resistance.
  • checkmark  More self-extinguishing in case of fire.

c-pvc material

Pressure variation according to temperature
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Technical Specifications
Range 16mm - 225mm
Nominal Pressure PN16 with water at 20°C
Temperature Range +5°C to +90°C
Coupling Standards Solvent Welding: EN ISO 15493
Flanging System: ISO 7005-1, EN ISO 15493
Reference Standards Construction Criteria: EN ISO 15493
Test Methods & Requirements: EN ISO 15493
Fitting Material C-PVC
Seal Material EPDM, FPM

C-PVC Industrial Ball Valve
npt female thread pipe fitting
Pos. Component Mat.
1 Ergonomic Handle 1 PVC
2 Reinforced Stem 1 C-PVC
3 Body 1 C-PVC
4 Union End 2 C-PVC
5 Union Nut 2 C-PVC
6 Machined Ball 1 C-PVC
7 Threaded Sealing Bush 1 C-PVC
8 Ball Seat 2 PTFE
9 Union O-ring 2 FPM
10 O-ring Sealing Bush 1 FPM
11 O-ring Ball Seat 2 FPM
12 O-ring Stem 2 FPM

Components making up Ball Valve

C-PVC Butterfly Valve
npt male thread pipe fitting
Pos. Component Material
1 Bush POM
2 Gasket EPDM
3 Plug POM
4 Handle U-PVC
5 Disc C-PVC
6 Locking Handle POM
7 Body C-PVC
8 Graduated Late POM
9 Stem Steel AISI 316
10 Insert POM

Components making up Butterfly Valve

C-PVC Spring Check Valve
npt male thread pipe fitting
Pos. Components Mat.
1 Body 1 C-PVC
2 Shutter 1 C-PVC
3 Sealing Bush 1 C-PVC
4 Union End 2 C-PVC
5 Union Nut 2 C-PVC
6 Gasket 1 EPDM
7 Union O-ring 2 EPDM
8 O-ring Sealing Bush 1 EPDM
9 Spring 1 INOX

Components making up Spring Check Valve


HT-120 Glue is used for joints with interference fit and loose fit (gap filling) in pressure and drainage systems. With special pipe brush for quick and easy application.

Griffon HT-120 cpvc cement

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