Tangit Cement and Cleaner

epco now offers WRAS approved Tangit U-PVC Cement and Tangit Cleaner for U-PVC and ABS suitable for producing tensile stress resistant connections between pipes and fittings in compliance with European standards.

tangit cement and cleaner tangit cement and cleaner
WRAS Approved

Tangit U-PVC Cement

For bonding of thermoplastic Pipe Systems under pressure EN1452 or non-pressure EN1329.

tangit cement and cleaner  Gap Filling & Thixotropic

tangit cement and cleaner  WRAS Approved

tangit cement and cleaner  THF Stabilised

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Tangit U-PVC & ABS Cleaner

Tangit Cleaner for bonded Plastic Joints made for U-PVC, C-PVC or ABS material.

tangit cement and cleaner  36 Month Shelf Life

tangit cement and cleaner  For Industrial Piping

tangit cement and cleaner  Excellent Cleaning Performance

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WRAS Approved Gap Filling Thixotropic THF Free Fast Setting Suitable for pool
Tangit U-PVC Cement
Griffon Uni-100
Griffon Uni-100 XT
Griffon Uni-100 GT
Griffon WDF-05
Griffon ABS B-25
Griffon C-PVC HT-120

Table of Griffon and Tangit Cement details.

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