Tangit DTX Special Adhesive

Special Adhesive for the bonding of thermoplastic pipe systems under pressure. Especially suited for acid-proof piping made of PVC-C and PVC-U used in chemical plants.

Tangit Dtx Special Adhesive

Why use Tangit DTX Cement?

Tangit DTX is designed for use in critical media applications such as with aggressive acids and alkalis.



  • checkmark  For bonding of thermoplastic U-PVC piping systems under pressure acc. EN ISO 15493
  • checkmark  For critical media (see table below)
  • checkmark  Solvent-containing adhesive based on Tetrahydrofuran (THF stabilized)
  • checkmark  Gap filling and Thixotropic
  • checkmark  If used in combination with C-PVC piping systems max. temperature is 60 °C (like U-PVC)
  • checkmark  Tangit DTX complies with the requirements of EN 14814; Adhesives for thermoplastic piping systems for fluids under pressure
  • checkmark  CE Marking and DoP (01011)

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Although all bonded joints are waterproof. Their chemical resistance, especially to inorganic acids, depends on:

  • checkmark  Pipe Tolerances
  • checkmark  Curing Times
  • checkmark  Pressure Loads
  • checkmark  Temperatures
  • checkmark  Acid Type
  • checkmark  Concentrate

In general, bonded joints made of ABS, PVC-U or PVC-C that are produced using the respective Tangit adhesive are as resistant as the material the pipeline is made of.



Critical Media

When exposed to the below media, it is recommended to use Tangit DTX Special Adhesive for producing bonded joints made of U-PVC or C-PVC.
As these media affect pipe material, it is also recommended to use pipes with a pressure rating PN 16.

Medium Concentration
Sulphuric Acid > 70% - ≤ 93% H2SO4
Hydrochloric Acid > 25% - ≤ 37% HCl
Nitric Acid > 20% - ≤ 55% HNO3
Sodium Hypochlorite > 6% - ≤ 15% NaOCl active chlorine
Hydrogen Peroxide > 5% - ≤ 70% H2O2

The DF (Derating factor) is always min. 1.6.


Technical Data

Characteristics Details
Density 0.95 g/cm3
Heat Resistance Corresponds to that of PVC-U
Open Time Approx. 1 minute
Application Temperature 5°C - 35°C
Final Strength 48 Hours
Shelf Life 24 Months (if stored at +20°C in original can)

Table: Tangit DTX Technical Data



For one bonded joint, the following approximate amounts of cement and cleaner is required. Preparation/cleaning is done using Tangit PVC-U/C/ABS Cleaner.

20mm 32mm 50mm 63mm 75mm 90mm 110mm 140mm 160mm
Tangit Adehsive (g) 3 5 9 15 20 36 60 90 120
Tangit Cleaner (ml) 3 5 9 11 13 14 17 21 25

Table: Tangit DTX Consumption based on Pipe O.D.


Brush Sizes

Pipe O.D. Brush Size
32mm O.D. 8mm round brush
40mm - 63mm 0.D. 1" flat brush
75mm - 160mm O.D. 2" flat brush

Table: Tangit DTX recommended brush sizes



Additional Tangit DTX Questions

q: Can Tangit DTX be used with C-PVC pipe?

Yes, however note that the max operating tempertaure when using DTX with C-PVC pipework is 60°C!

q: What is Tangit DTX cement open time?

Open time for DTX cement is 1 minute at 20°C, with higher ambient temperatures decreasing this time.

q: Is Tangit DTX WRAS approved?

No. DTX has EN ISO 15493 and EN 14814 approvals.

q: What is Tangt DTX Special Adhesive used for?

Pipe systes up to +60°C in chemical plants.



Where to buy Tangit DTX Special Adhesive in the UK

epco offers Tangit DTX as an alternative to HCR-36 Cement, the latter no longer being manufactured. It is important to note that Tangit DTX is not a like-for-like alternative to HCR-36, and special attention should be paid to the specification's information and technical data.

If you need to purchase tins of Tangit DTX or any of the other Tangit adhesives or cleaners, epco-Plastics in Leeds UK would love to discuss any requirement you have. We stock various ranges of U-PVC, C-PVC, ABS, PE and PP products at our warehouse, available for next-day delivery across mainland UK, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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