CPVC pipes are made from strong, rigid thermoplastic material, containing about 10% more chlorine than normal U-PVC. They are used in various Industrial applications requiring a high operating temperature between +5°C to +90°C.

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CPVC Pressure Pipework Characteristics

CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) rigid pressure pipe is an ideal choice for use in the United Kingdom due to its Corrosion Resistance, Durability, High Flow Rate and Fire Resistance.

CPVC pressure pipe is light grey, almost beige, in colour and is available in metric sizes from 20mm – 160mm and is pressure rated at 16 bar (PN16) quoted at 20°C.

CPVC pipe has excellent chemical resistance to corrosive acids, bases, and salts, making them ideal for use in chemical processing plants.


Why CPVC Pipework?

CPVC Pipework is renowned for its properties including:

  • checkmark  High Temperature Resistance
  • checkmark  High Chemical Resistance
  • checkmark  Fire Resistance
  • checkmark  Mechanical Resistance
  • checkmark  High Flow Rate
  • checkmark  Durability

Industries using CPVC Pipe?

Due to its robust qualities, CPVC pipework is commonly used in:

  • checkmark  Food Factories
  • checkmark  Demineralised Water Plant
  • checkmark  Industrial Waste Treatment
  • checkmark  Chemical Processing Plants
  • checkmark  Soaps, Paper & Pulp Plants
  • checkmark  Effulent Treatment


CPVC Pressure Pipe Specifications

CPVC Pipe Size Range Max Pressure Operating Temp Food Safe Rigid
Class C 20mm to 160mm 16 Bar +5°C to +90°C

CPVC Pipe Properties. Max pressure quoted at 20°C


CPVC Pressure Pipe Details

Nominal Bore Mean O.D. Colour Length
20mm 20 Light Grey/Beige 5m
25mm 25 Light Grey/Beige 5m
32mm 32 Light Grey/Beige 5m
40mm 40 Light Grey/Beige 5m
50mm 50 Light Grey/Beige 5m
63mm 63 Light Grey/Beige 5m
75mm 75 Light Grey/Beige 5m
90mm 90 Light Grey/Beige 5m
110mm 110 Light Grey/Beige 5m
160mm 160 Light Grey/Beige 5m

CPVC Outer Diameter Pipe Sizes


Industries using CPVC pipe in the UK

cpvc pipe UK food factory

Food Factories

cpvc pipe UK water treatment plant

Demineralised Water

cpvc pipe UK industrial waste plant

Industrial Waste Treatment

cpvc pipe UK in food factory

Chemical Processing

cpvc pipe UK theme parks

Effluent Treatment

cpvc pipe UK in paper factory

Paper Processing Plant


What is CPVC Pipework Resistant to?

CPVC Pipe UK, Fittings and Valves are resistant to most acids, bases and salts, as well as aliphatic hydrocarbons making them the ideal solution for several industries types.

CPVC pressure pipe is not resistant to ammonia and most amines as these chemicals are highly reactive to chlorine.



How to Glue CPVC Pipe and Fittings

CPVC Pipe and Fittings can be solvent welded provided the sizes and tolerances are in accordance with the standardisation and tolerances given.

CPVC Solvent Welding

CPVC glue softens the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe to form a joint chemically. Strength of the joint is reduced if surfaces are not cleaned and/or properly prepared.

We've prepared an in-depth article on how to glue pipe and fittings including precautions and relevant products you'll need.

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Additional CPVC Pipework Questions

q: Is CPVC Flexible?

No, our CPVC pipe is rigid and is available in 5m lengths.

q: What is CPVC pipe used for?

CPVC pipe is utilised in a number of industries including, food manufacturing, industrial waste, effluent treatment, Flocculants, Dyes, Sterilant.

q: Is CPVC pipe UV resistant?

CPVC is not UV resistant and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

q: Is CPVC safe for drinking water?

No, we would only consider CPVC acceptable for use with potable drinking water if it has a UK WRAS approval certificate. This CPVC does not have this approval.



Where to buy CPVC Pipe in the UK

If you need to purchase lengths of CPVC pipes; epco-plastics in Leeds, UK would love to discuss any requirement you have. We stock various sizes of CPVC pipes at our UK warehouse, available for next-day delivery across mainland UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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