epco Pipe Systems is one of the UK’s leading specialist suppliers of pressure pipe products, delivering high quality items nationally and internationally.

Since our establishment in July 1994, we have gone on to serve a wide variety of industry sectors, from fish farming, food and beverage production, to leisure, swimming pools, manufacturing and industrial applications, as well as many others.

Our ABS and U-PVC pipe products are market recognised high quality brands, offered with next day delivery as standard with orders taken up to 5pm daily for delivery the following day to most addresses within the UK.

Below is just four of our key industry sectors that have utilised our technical experience, the epco Pipe System supply chain and our expert product and application knowledge to ensure their projects are a success.

Key industry sectors that have utilised our technical experience

UK fish farming industry

UK Fish Farming Indusry

Fish Farming Industry

One of the first sectors that epco started supplying was the fish farming industry both in the UK and across Europe. We supplied piping materials for the civil infrastructure of the biggest land-based fish farm in the entire European region.

This industry sector requires huge amounts of pressure pipe with very wide diameters, often being resistant to sea water corrosion. For this industry we supply long length, large diameter Polyethylene pipe, as can be seen from a previous project in this sector in the blog banner image above.

epco has developed specialist product and application knowledge in supplying the needs of this niche industry which we have built since our company first started in 1994. This makes us the ideal partner to supply large scale fish farming suitable pressure pipe, fittings and valves.


UK food and beverage industry

UK Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

We have supplied many different projects within the food and beverage industry, from small scale food manufacturing facilities, to medium sized alcohol producers of craft beers to much larger well known global brands producing beverages easily recognised across the world. We could have chosen from a wide range of names to represent our involvement within this sector of commerce, but none are more recognisable then Coca-Cola. epco were extremely honoured to be chosen to partner with this company to supply ABS pressure pipe system products to facilitate their requirements at a manufacturing plant Hungary.

ABS and U-PVC plastic are perfect for the food and beverage industry as they are both resistant to heat and are extremely durable too, again with this key industry sector epco have developed a great deal of experience and are well suited to work alongside food and beverage manufactures to meet the unique and project specific needs of this industry, such as with supplying only WRAS approved product safe for use with food and drink production.


UK swimming pool industry

UK Swimming Pool Industry

Leisure Industry and Swimming Pools

Another of our key customer industry sectors is in leisure and swimming pool applications. ABS and U-PVC pipe system products are extremely common within swimming pools and other leisure centres that use large volumes of chlorinated water, meaning the pipe systems components supplied need to be resistant to chemical attack, as well as suitable to high volumes of pressure as large volumes of water are pumped around a leisure facility at any one given time.

Often a plant room in a swimming pool or leisure facility will be crammed with an intricate network of pressure pipe. epco have been providing swimming pools and leisure parks with U-PVC & ABS pipes, fittings, valves, and accessories for almost 25 years, including some of the world’s largest zoos, water and theme parks. As a result of our work in this sector we have gained a high degree of product application knowledge for ABS and U-PVC leisure and swimming pool pipe, and we are well suited to deliver your project needs in this area.


UK industrial manufacturing

UK Industrial Manufacturing Sector

Industrial Manufacturing Sector

The Manufacturing and Industrial sector has proven to be our most popular area of application over the years and represents the majority of epco’s work. A large percentage of our customers are either directly or indirectly involved with industrial manufacturing facilities, across the UK and Europe.

These range from small-scale production lines to more complex industrial applications such as those involving high tech and advanced production facilities. epco offers numerous ABS and U-PVC products to suit countless manufacturing related requirements across a huge range of different field and production areas.

We have provided products to many manufacturing firms with trading operations from chemical dosing to industrial effluent treatment. Our plastics are perfect for use in these applications as they are resistant to chemical attack and are hard wearing and require little maintenance, preventing production downtime.



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