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ABS Pipe is a rigid pressure pipe that has been used for over 35 years and is renowned as a ductile material meaning that it is less brittle at lower temperatures and provides an excellent resistance to impact damage at temperatures from as low as -40°C to +70°C.

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ABS Pressure Pipework Characteristics

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) rigid pressure pipe has become the ideal choice for underground use in the United Kingdom due to its ductility profile, allowing it to bend and/or deform to some extent without rupturing when used in colder temperatures.

ABS pipework became popular due to its lightweight profile, making it cheaper to transport, and although it is more costly than PVC, ABS offers a different chemical compatibility profile and is still a more affordable option to the old copper pipe systems.

ABS pipe systems are joined by solvent cement welding, and it is advised not to weld connections in temperatures less than 5°C. Transition joints can be made using flanges and pipe can also be threaded to allow for threaded connections or compression fittings.


Why ABS Pipework?

ABS Pipework is renowned for its properties including:

  • checkmark  High impact strength
  • checkmark  Electrical resistance
  • checkmark  Abrasion Resistance
  • checkmark  Lightweight & Durable
  • checkmark  Solvent Weld

Which industries use ABS Pipe?

Due to its robust qualities, ABS pipework is commonly used in:

  • checkmark  Commercial applications requiring an energy-efficient solution.
  • checkmark  Industrial factories operating refrigeration and cooling systems.
  • checkmark  Food factories transporting ice slurries, such as ice cream.
  • checkmark  Any industrial or commercial air-conditioning application.


ABS Pressure Pipe Specifications

ABS Pipe Size Range Max Pressure Operating Temp Food Safe Rigid
Class C 1" to 8" 9 Bar -40°C to +70°C
Class D 6" 12 Bar -40°C to +70°C
Class E 1/2" to 4" 15 Bar -40°C to +70°C
Class T 1/2" to 2" 12 Bar -40°C to +70°C

ABS Pipe Properties. Max pressure quoted at 20°C


ABS Pressure Pipe Details

Nominal Bore Mean O.D. Colour Length
1/2" 21.4 Mid Grey 6m
3/4" 26.7 Mid Grey 6m
1" 33.6 Mid Grey 6m
1 1/4" 42.2 Mid Grey 6m
1 1/2" 48.3 Mid Grey 6m
2" 60.3 Mid Grey 6m
2 1/2" 75.2 Mid Grey 6m
3" 88.9 Mid Grey 6m
4" 114.3 Mid Grey 6m
5" 140.2 Mid Grey 6m
6" 168.3 Mid Grey 6m
8" 219.1 Mid Grey 6m

ABS Outer Diameter Pipe Sizes


ABS Pipe Dimensions

ABS pipe is available in Class C, Class E and Class T. All ABS pipe sizes are listed by class in Imperial (inch) sizing including O.D. (outer diameter), I.D. (inner diameter) and Wall sizes.

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ABS Pipe Support Centers?

In above ground installations it is essential to provide support to ensure that the weight of the pipe and its contents are adequately supported. Read our article for more information.

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What is ABS Pipework Resistant to?

ABS Pipe, Fittings and Valves are resistant to most weak acids, a range of alkalis, aggressive agents, mineral oils, and fatty substances, in addition to water and watery saline solutions. Making them the ideal solution for several Industries

ABS pressure pipe is not resistant to organic solvents, alcohol, petrol, or vegetable oils.


ABS Chemical Resistance

ABS displays good chemical resistance to a wide range f chemicals and bases. ABS is not resistant ot concentrated mineral acids, organic acids, and solvents such as esters, ketones and chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons. For detailed guidance on the chemical resistance of ABSS, consult the chemical resistance table.


ABS Weathering Resistance

Over time, ABS will suffer some loss of properties when exposed to UV light. The surface of the material will lose shine and experience some colour change. In external cases, coating such as AGRU coat, or the use of water based paint will help to minimise the effects of solar radiation.


ABS Electrical Resistance

ABS is non-conductive; therefore, systems will remain free from electrolytic corrosion. Precautions should be taken to avoid static discharge should any part of the ABS piping system pass through an area where explosive gases may be present.


ABS Physiological Characteristics

ABS piping systems are free from lead, cadmium, or other poisonous heavy metals. They are suitable for use in contact with cold potable water and are WRAS listed for this application.



How to Glue ABS Pipe and Fittings

ABS Pipe and Fittings can be cemented together provided the sizes and tolerances are in accordance with the standardisation and tolerances given.

ABS Solvent Welding

ABS glue softens the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe to form a joint chemically. Strength of the joint is reduced if surfaces are not cleaned and/or properly prepared.

We've prepard an indepth article on how to glue pipe and fittings including precautions and releavnt producst you'll need.

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ABS Threaded Fittings

Class T has a sufficiently thick wall allowing the pipe to be threaded. Although we supply all of our ABS Pressure Pipe with plain end only, we recommend the following instructions for adding threaded fittings:

  1. Ensure all threads are clean.
  2. Apply PTFE tape to the male thread for 1 ½ turns in a clockwise direction.
  3. Screw the female threaded fitting by hand onto the male threaded pipe.
  4. Screw the fitting on by hand for 2/3 of the threaded length.
  5. After tightening by hand, add a ½ turn with a suitable tool i.e., strap wrench.


Additional ABS Pipework Questions

q: How long does ABS pipe last?

ABS pipe typically lasts 50 years if no external or environmental forces cause any unnecessary strain on the pipework.

q: What could cause ABS pipe to crack?

ABS pipe can crack for several reasons including:
• Use of ABS Pipe in temperatures outside of the operating temperature range.
• High impact exceeding pipe impact strength measured at 44m² kJ/m (23°C)

q: Is ABS pipe UV resistant?

ABS is not UV resistant and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. ABS pipe can be covered by a special water based latex paint to improve resistance.

q: Where to buy ABS pipe?

You can buy ABS pipe directly from epco. We stock a range of Class C, Class D and Class E in various sizes at our warehouse in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

q: Is ABS pipe Food safe?

Yes, ABS pipe is renowned for its food-grade use in food processing plants for meat, poultry, fish etc.

q: What Colour is ABS Pipe?

The ABS pipe offered by epco-plastics is a mid-grey colour.

q: Can ABS Pipe be used underground and above ground?

ABS Pipe is best used below ground however it can also be used above ground if indoors (no direct sunlight) or if made to be UV resistant.

Is ABS pipe safe for drinking water?

ABS Pipe is suitable for drinking (potable) water if it is WRAS approved. If not WRAS approved, then ABS pipe should not be used for the transportation of drinking water.



Where to buy ABS Pipe in the UK

If you need to purchase lengths of ABS pipes, epco-plastics in Leeds UK would love to discuss any requirement you have. We stock various sizes of ABS pipes in our warehouse, available for next-day delivery across mainland UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Contact our experienced Sales Team during business hours, Monday - Friday. Contact Us here.


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